Ski- und Cross-Country-Touring in Sweden

February, March 2018

© Klaus Goerschel, 88677 Markdorf


South- to Middle-Skandinavia

Traveling with car: green, touring terrain red

"Why Skandinavia again?" I was asked by a good friend whom I had told about my newest travel plans. I replied that there had been a lot of snowfall in Skandinavia, espacially in the region of Grövelsjön. And that´s exactly what I love.

I was enthusiastic and decided to drive to Sweden, to the province Härjedalen, as early as possible. Immediately after New Year I started my preparations for the trip to Sweden.

On Monday, January 29th, 2018 at 7.15 a.m. I left for Sweden.

I drove on the Autobahn to Kassel, Hamburg and Aarhus in Denmark. There I spent the night and took the ferry boat from Grenaa to Varberg.

From Göteborg I continued my travel on the E 45 to Malung. At nightfall on the next day I reached Sälen, my preliminary destination in Sweden.


For one short week I undertook many ski touring excursions in and around Sälen. Furthermore I searched for the start of the Kungsleden, the most famous hiking trail in Sweden.

When thick snowfall set in soon after, I travelled on across the border to Norway especially to the well known skiresort Trysil.


Here I went on some fine ski tours on the top of the nearby Fjellett.

When it began snowing in Trysil, I set out to the Femund lake and from there to Grövelsjön. This location is a paradise for cross country skiers and this year the snow conditions were wonderful.


With a bit of luck I found an accommodation in the nice house of Gote in Storvallen. From there I went on extended ski tours with and without pulka and enjoyed the wonderful winter landscape around Grövelsjön.

The days became brighter and as a fine weather period started, I set out for a cross country tour through the Rogen National park.


With pulka and tent I wandered for 2 weeks through the wonderfully Nationalpark which was covered with snow powder. I was greatly impressed and deeply moved.


I spent the nights in cabins and also in my tent. Mostly, I had fine weather with bright sunshine, pleasant breezes and clear nights so that you could see the stars. But by full moon the thermometer dropped down to minus 30° C.

Back again in Grövelsjön I decided to go further north. I found a typical Swedish wodden hotel located at the edge of a wood. I was very delighted that I could get the little cabin nearby.


The Snasahögarna mountains were my prefered touring aim. After three tries I stood on top of the summit.

At the end of March I left for home. After 2 days I reached Malmö and Trelleborg in the very south of Sweden.


From Trelleborg I took the ferry to Rügen.

Just before Easter I arrived safely in Markdorf. After 8 weeks Skandinavia in wintertime I had a feeling of nostalgia. On the other hand I was very delighted to be at home and enjoied the landscape of Bodensee.


Here my travel report with pictures:


Sälen, Trysil Grövelsjön, Rogen Enafors