Teil 3

Travelling to Enafors and

nice trips in Snasahögarna



After touring through the Rogen Nationalpark I stayed in Storvallen once more for 3 days. Then I decided to drive to Storlien further up north.

Warm farewell from Gote! Friday, 9th of March, I set off for Östersund.

In muddy weather I drove via Idre, Sörvattnet, Linsell to An a little town on the left shore of lake Storsjön . The well-known town Östersund lies on the right side of the lake.

There I spent a quiet night. The next day I headed for Are the famous ski resort and then to Enafors.


My car purred along the snow-covered country roads ...


... and had enough grip both downhill and in curves.


This is Are, a very popular ski town, less then 60 km far away from the Norwegian border.

Here I couldn´t get any accommodation for 2 days. Therefore I continued to drive to Storlien, different from my originally plan.


A little bit away from the road nearby the edge of a forest I saw a grand wooden hotel.

I was so enthusiastic that I wanted to get accommodation here.


After some negotiations I got this cabin for one week at a fair price.


I enjoyed having a comfortable kitchen and a big bedroom for me alone.

A good start for having a very fine and pleasant stay in Enafors.


Soon after my arrival it snowed.


View out of my window to the neighbouring cabins.


My first excursion started in Rundhögen, this time without pulka.


The trail to the westernback of the Snasahögarna crossed the River Enan by this shaky swing bridge.


Just after the bridge the trail climbed up this steep slope.


Now the trail ascended slowly to the top of the mountain. The weather seemed to get a little bit better.


But the wind freshened up.


When I reached the ridge of the pass ...


... I took a longer break.


With my cross country skis I slid down into the valley.


Every day I headed out for a longer cross-country ski tour only equipped with a backpack.


A period of fine weather started after the 3rd day.


I didn´t hesitate and drove with my car to the Storulvans fjällstation. There I wanted to make a longer Ski tour.


This is the parking area of the Storulvans Fjällstation.


And here the fjällstation itself.


The view of the Snasahögarna with some clouds at his summit. I had to ski up to 600 m. 50 m below the summit there was dense fog and no sight. I turned back and skied downhill.

The next day the situation was similar. I had bad visibility all day. Besides, it had become colder and very stormy.


On a good trail I went towards the summit behind a group of young people . The higher I got the stronger the wind became. 50 meters below the summit the wind got very stormy and the group stopped.


The young people took their shovels and dug a big whole into the snow. They wanted to protect themselves against the storm.


I also gave up struggling on through the icecold stormy wind. I decided to ski downhill to the valley.


Today it was my third attempt to ski up on the top of the mountain. On this day the summit was without clouds. The wind was strong but not dangerous. I was in good shape today and was making good progress.


Today several groups were headed to the summit.


I was happy to sea the summit directly in front of me.


But at the top we were extremly exposed to the stormy wind.


With the back to the line of storm I had a photo taken of me.

With this ski tour my time in Enafors was coming to an end. The next morning I packed my car and drove to Malmö and Trelleborg.


A little walk through Malmö.


In Trelleborg I slept once more in my comfortable car.


My ferryboat for Rostock departed in the afternoon of 22nd March . There was still some time for a nice walk along the beach of Trelleborg.

Once more I remembered the beautiful winter days in Sweden. The days passed along rather quickly but now they left a deep and lasting impression on me that I will take home.